Title: RAF St Eval, Cornwall (1948/1950). Set 1

A long time ago I spent almost two years in 203 sqn as a Flight Mechanic (Engines).
As the local bus approached the airfield I could hardly believe they were giving me
those lovely Lancasters to play with, and immaculate white ones at that. Life for
the ground crews wasn't bad at all, except we couldn't balance the personal budget.

Here is a record of those grand (mostly) days at St Eval.

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A-Apple and full crew A-Apple on ASR Standby Queen of the Air Tail enders

Mac Randle Geordie,Taff Jones,Yorky Taff W,Stan,Jenks F-Fox

B29 landing at St Eval After Atlantic flight Skymaster USAAF Dakota RAF

Sunday Morning ... and then I did a ... Southwest Gale V-Victor

G-George F-Fox G-George & F-Fox? B-Baker refuelling

Cornish coast G-George "The Evalairs" What a smashing band!

Look at us! Relaxing outside C13 MJR in B-Baker Taff Jones

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